The Things He Says by Ross McCleary

Cease, Cows

He says the sun only shines because a globe in his house is pointing out of the window. Sunbeams fracture against it, lighting up the sky.

He says he joined the indie rock scene so he could one day rise above it.

He says he scores his songs by measuring the tonal fluctuations in interviews given by Tony Blair.

Santa's Ghetto “Santa’s Ghetto” (image via Flickr user su-lin)

He says the harmonies on his band’s first album were sung by the ghosts in the studio.

He says he would describe writing as using your fingers to hollow out your skull.

He says he has written a ballet in Braille.

He says he believes everyone would cheat on their partner; it’s just a matter of finding the right motivation to make it happen.

He says he imagines tackling these people to the ground as they walk past. These are visions of parallel worlds…

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The Things He Says by Ross McCleary